S,WS&H Field Trials Winter 2018

16 Dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers

17th October 2018
at Firle Estate, Nr Lewes, East Sussex
by kind invitation of Mr Michael Rees and Mr John Coldman OBE
Judges: Mr Jim Gale(A44), Mr Dave Barnes (B2197), Mrs Louie Robertson (3666) Ms Josefine van der Dussen (3490)

Trophies: Winner - The Theale Challenge Trophy, Second - Hobhearn Challenge Cup, Gun's Choice - The Selby Memorial Cup

1stMistybrook OchreKim Jinks
2ndQuabrook RussetJohn Sully Handled by Helena Sully
3rdFryernshot Flash HarryNikki Stranks
Guns' ChoiceSkyshot Blue at WephamdownKate Bollen

16 Dog All Age Stake for AV Retrievers

29th November 2018
at Castle Goring, Nr Worthing, West Sussex
by kind invitation of FitzRoy and Clem Somerset
Judges: Mrs Tess Lawrence (A1889), Mr Robert Worrall (B3032), Mrs Jane Tydeman (NP), Mr Allan Scutcher (NP)

Trophies: The Gregson Challenge Cup for the Winner
The Ohlenschlager Perpetual Challenge Cup for Second Place
The Charrinton Cup for best novice handler in awards
The Lochmoy Perpetual Challenge Bowl for best novice (excluding the winner) Owner/handler resident in branch
The Simpson Perpetual Challenge Cup for best dog/bitch owned by gamekeeper or professional handler
The Nookshot Trophy for best looking dog/bitch in awards
The Somerset Trophy for Guns Choice

1stKestrelway DrakeJason Meyhew
Winner of The Gregson Challenge Cup, the Simpson Perpetual Cup for best dog owned by a professional handler and the Somerset Trophy for Guns' Choice
CoMCastlemans CookSusan Hedge
CoMWoodlandway QuailBeth Rayner
Winner of the Nookshot Trophy for Best Looking Dog in the Awards
CoMTullys Edge My Belle NellSue Jordon
CoMHelnoral MagnumRob Smallman
CoMStudebaker CorvetteMary Jane Opie


UGS All Aged Finals

25th January 2019
at Findon Park Shoot, Wiston Estate, West Sussex
by kind permission of Mr Harry Goring
Judges:Mr David Latham(A2299), Mr Steve Polley (A2435), Mr Phil Goulden (NP3820), Mr Peter Abbs (NP3395)


The Lord Ludlow Perpetual Challenge CupAwarded to the winner
The Liphook Game Farm Kennels CupAwarded to the second place dog
The Spratts Patent Ltd Challenge CupAwarded to the best opposite sex to the winner
The Quintin Dick Challenge CupAwarded to the best Labrador
Dual Champion Banchory Bolo CupAwarded to the best Labrador owned by a gamekeeper at the trial
Goldspan Golden Retriever CupAwarded to best Golden Retriever other than the winner, has gained at least a COM
Champion Ash Hussar CupAwarded to the best looking Labrador competing in the Finals
The Wheeler Garton CupAwarded to the dog judged to have the best retrieve of a runner by using the nose.
To be withheld for lack of merit or opportunity or if no dog has retrieved at least one runner.
R. Sharpe Memorial CupAwarded to the best game finder at the meeting
R. Sharpe Founder Member CupAwarded to the best game finder of the opposite sex to the cup above
Gate Court CupAwarded to the best lady handler at the meeting
1stBerryshot Bernie owned by Mrs Wendy Berry, handled by Jason Mayhew
Winner of the Lord Ludlow Perpetual Challenge Cup, The Quintin Dick Challenge Cup for the best labrador and the R. Sharpe Memorial Cup for best game finder at the meeting.
2ndFtCh Websend Whitefarland handled by Tom Lowe
Winner of the Liphook Game Farm Kennels Cup, The Spratts Patent Ltd Challenge Cup for best opposite sex to the winner, and the R. Sharpe Founder Member Cup for best game finder of the opposite sex to the winner of the R. Sharpe Memorial Cup.
3rdCastlemans Cook handled by Susan Hedge
Winner of the Gate Court Cup for the best lady handler at the meeting.
CoMKestrelway Drake handled by Jason Mayhew
CoMWoodlandway Quail handled by Beth Rayner
CoMPointhill Peregrine handled by Marianne Copp
CoMBirdsgreen Thembi of Spurgate handled by Brian Chesser
The Champion Ash Hussar Cup for best looking Labrador competing in The Finals was awarded to Fetchacur Malvern handled by Josefine van der Dussen.

Pictures by Rosemary Sadler