S,WS&H Working Test 2015

Open Qualifying Working Test

8th March 2015
at Springhead Farm, Amberley, West Sussex
by kind permission of Tim Hayward
Judges: Joy Venturi Rose, Louie Robertson, Jane Tydeman and Robert Worrall
1stWoodlandway Quail Beth Rayner
2ndLubbecke Queen of Hearts of Abney Dave England
3rdWoodlandway Skylark Nikki Stranks
4thGoldsilver Ann of Higgscroft Mike Higgs

Novice Working Test

3rd May 2015
at Theale Farm, near Slinfold, West Sussex
by kind permission of David and Gay Marshal
Judges: Liz Barnes, Sarah Miles, Ben Starns and Gay Marshall
1stKirbyhall Meadow Pipit Hilly Hoar
2ndHelnorall Magnum Rob Smallman
3rdAvonstream Ator Nikki Urquart
4thFeather In My Cap at Higgscroft Dan Higgs
CoMTegdown Cracker Jane Carnaghan
CoMRolvenden Gillyflower of Copsehollow Pru Perkins

Intermediate and Veteran Working Test

31st May 2015
at Broadoak Farm, Turners Hill, West Sussex
by kind permission of John and Gill Dawsonl
Judges: Julia Smith, Roger Wade and Terry Souter
Intermediate Results
1stThornsted Tawny Owl Jane Best
2ndHawkesmere Valley Bull at Keepersholme Linda Perfect
3rdMullenscotte Cavalier Peter Martin
4thMillcombe Fern Pauline Tiplady
CoMCassleton Andante Pat Elliott
CoMKirbyhall Meadow Pipit Hilly Hoar
Veteran Results
-Not awarded

UGS Inter Branch Working Test Final

27th June 2015
at Butcherlands, Balls Cross, near Petworth, West Sussex
by kind permission of Ivan Wadey
Judges: Dave England, Ken Green, David Breach and Sue Searle
1st HBBKen Byron with Ardexis Tom of Copperwheat
Jim Collins with Brockaghs Cathal
Mark Polley with Faircotelabs Moss
Andy Wiles with Hatchfield Loki of Lostal
2nd S,WS&HMick Higgs with Gold Silver Ann of Higgscroft
Gay Marshall with Sandicliffe Frankie of Theale Farm
Beth Rayner with Woodlandway Quail
Nikki Stranks with Woodlandway Skylark
3rd K&ESChristine Baldwin with Tayfordwoods Dailuaine
(Winner of The Tilly Trophy awarded to the "Dog the judges would most like to take home")
James Barwell with Tawnyway Black Jack
Tracy Flood with Brockweir Barley
Karen Wiles with Shadybugs Desert Knight of Lostal
4th ECBrian Chesser with Gunnerheath Amethyst
Liz Ingram with Garrethall Myrhh
Sam Morley Jones with Hathaway Harrier of Rushbrigg
Andrew Wright with Overtharts Berwick
Top Dog
Andy Wiles with Hatchfield Loki of Lostal
Winner of The Westernash Trophy

Novice Dog/Novice Handler and Special Puppy Working Tests

5th July 2015
at Butcherlands, Balls Cross, near Petworth, West Sussex
by kind permission of Ivan Wadey
Judges: Paul Jennings, Sheila Rapley, Hilly Hoar, Louie Robertson
Special Puppy Results
1stSault Samish of Meonvalley Sarah Miles
Winner of The Siv Craft Engineering Cup
2ndTullysedge My Belle Nell Sue Jordan
3rdHelnorall Columbo of Birdsmill Lianne Bird
4thSouthfolly Queen Mary Cooper
Novice Dog/Novice Handler Result
1stWellsummer Jack Frost Bryony Hamilton
Winner of The Devonway Cup
2ndTawnyhill Nature Tom Brown
3rdTeme Valley Roadman
Tanglefield Olivia
Kate Heroys
Vince Mahon
4thEttinsmoor Mermaid at Bosunsway Julia Reardon
CoMBrindlebrook Lilly Miss Ian Hamilton

Puppy and Novice Working Tests

6th September 2015
at Popes Oak Farm, West Grinstead, West Sussex
by kind permission of Mrs Sheila Chessell
Judges: Mark Lucas, Joy Venturi Rose, Jo Hawkesworth and Wendy Harrison
Puppy Results
1stBraceway Tennessee Helen Thornton
2ndFrynernshot Flash Harry Nikki Stranks
3rdHelnorall Columbo of Birdsmill Lianne Bird
4thMitforton Nado Nicola Smallman
CoMBlackbird Charlie Linda Peake
CoMFlintsfield Forever Friend Mandy Smith
Novice Results
1stElmertown Tudorcourt Rose Keith Townsend
2ndLendown Willow Pauline Tiplady
3rdChyngton Peggy
Tanglefield Olivia
Gary Vallins
Vince Mahon
4thRye Bay Harry Bernadette Restorick