Spaniels Field Trials 2017/2018

16 Dog Novice ENgish Springer Spaniel Stake

13th November 2017
at Ditchingham Hall, Bungay, Suffolk
by kind permission of Earl & Countess Ferrers and Headkeeper Nick Clitheroe
Judges: Chris Thurston-Woolnough (A2015) and Arthur McGregor (NP)

The Utility Gundog Society held it’s first Spaniel Trial of the 2017/18 season, a Novice Springer Stake for 16 dogs at Ditchingham Hall, Suffolk by very kind permission of the Earl & Countess Ferrers and Headkeeper Nick Clitheroe. We were delighted to be invited to this beautiful Estate, the first time a Spaniel trial has been held in it’s grounds. The Woodland is perfect for Spaniels and the team of Guns supplied by the Keeper were excellent. A mixed bag of Woodcock, Pheasant, Hare and Partridge tested the novice dogs with a few going by the wayside on the Woodcock especially. The Judges, Chris Thurston-Woolnough and Arthur McGregor were fair and especially helpful with some very nervous novice handlers. They were in perfect agreement and were able to award places without a run-off. This is the first win for Kevin Doughty (who is an A Panel Retriever Judge!!) in a Spaniel Trial and he was delighted.

Thank you very much to my band of helpers and to Nick & Trish who all made my day easy. Also to Kronch and Sporting Saint for their continued sponsorship

-- Julia

1stBonniemore Eddie of HighseasKevin Doughty
2ndSurefly EleanorMick Reader
3rdStickhouse SorcererOwen Russell
CoMNossewej Lost my MarblesSteve Newman
CoMNossewej Bonkers BobTracey Jewesson-Newman
CoMGeordieland TsarJohn Keegan
Sponsored by Sporting Saints and Kronch

16 Dog Open Qualifying Cocker Spaniel Stake

6th December 2017
at Fallow Hall, St Oysth, Essex
by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Edward Greig
Judges: Guy Stubbings (A2805), Alan Hopkins-Young (B3297)

The Utility Gundog Society Spaniel Section held it’s Open Cocker Stake at Fallow Hall, St Oysth by very kind permission of Eddie and Rose Greig, the Judges for the day were Guy Stubbings and Alan Hopkins-Young.
It was a bit of a struggle to fill the card again as with most “Cocker” only stakes and we had to pull in 3 novice dogs, all of which acquitted themselves very well against the Open dogs. The cover is tough at Fallow Hall and these little Spaniels had to work hard, there was a good supply of game and the guns shot well to produce Woodcock, Pheasant and Partridge.

A big thank you to my helpers, Rose & Eddie, the Guns and the Judges and all those that stood at stops and pushed in the wood before we got there, we couldn’t do without you!!

-- Julia

1stWindwithe Winter NightNick Gregory
2ndSamsirs Union JackAndy Waterhouse
3rdTimsgarry JynxAlex Hayes
4thSpiritedawn MidnightJonathan Nightingale
CoMTiptopjack AtlasMike Chamberlain
CoMGeorgieland DiazJohn Keegan
CoMHowskye BertieRon Henry
CoMCrowdyslack Slinky of CostapakitAndy Waterhouse
(Owner Janet Righton)
Sponsored by Sporting Saints and Kronch

16 Dog Open Qualifying AV Spaniel Stake (excluding Cocker)

20th December 2017
at Cuffley Shoot, Herts
by kind permission of Mr Dave Thomas
Judges: Ben Randall (A2797), Tom Shepperd (B2476)

We held our Open AV this year at Brook Farm, Cuffley by kind permission of Dave Thomas. This is the most fantastic ground for Spaniels literally just off the M25, the game supply was constant, the Keeper Martin doing a great job on the radio moving stops and flag men, nothing is too much trouble for him, he makes my life very easy!! Judges for this stake were Ben Randall and Tom Sheppard who saw sixteen Springers vie for first place. The decision was reached quickly with no need for a run off.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the day, the guns, the stewards, game carriers, stops, Charlotte, Sue, judges but especially to Martin the Keeper and John Keegan who put me and Tom up the night before!!

1stFTCH Sliabh Sunset of CrispicoRicky MacKintosh
2ndWillowsaul JokerAndy Waterhouse
3rdTregerest Tinker BellDanny Hubbard
4thPalmarrion EclipseMarion Emery
Sponsored by Sporting Saints and Kronch

16 Dog Novice Cocker Spaniel Stake

2nd January 2017
at Hargham Estate Shoot, Attleborough, Norfolk
by kind permission of Mr Graham Tweed
Judges: Martin Deacon (A2242), Julie Cracknell (B3034), Owen Russell (NP), Stewart North (NP)

The Society were very pleased to be invited to this prestigious Shoot by Kronch and Graham and Tina Tweed. The Headkeeper Jonathan Sharman put on a fabulous trial with a constant game supply in beautiful bracken woodland, his team of Guns shot extremely well over a field of very good novice Cockers. The Judges for the day were Martin Deacon, Julie Cracknell, Owen Russell and Stewart North, they were in complete agreement and came up with a clear winner with no need for a run-off.

Soup, tea & cake were available for all which was very welcome on a cold, drizzly day, Tina working very hard in the kitchen!! Thank you to Kronch and Sporting Saint for their sponsorship and to the Judges, Guns, Stewards, Game Carriers, Jonathan the Keeper and his stops and specially to Graham for his continued support.

1stMurrayeden Majestic Kelly Ward (handler Andy Skinner)
2ndZemyendor NutmegRod Chapple
3rdMoelfamau Shea of JacksheaLinda Hudson
4thSpring Heather LadyAndy Creed
CoMPixiefen Donella ShayleeMark Hisgrove
Sponsored by Sporting Saints and Kronch

16 Dog Novice AV Spaniel Stake

22nd January 2018
at Shotesham Park, Shotesham St Mary, Norfolk
by kind permission of Bailey family and Headkeeper Mr Mark Watson
Judges: Mark Clifford (A2423), Andy Waterhouse (B3543), Lesley Young (NP), Alex Hayes (NP)

The Utility Gundog Society Spaniels held a 16 dog Novice AV Spaniel Stake at Shotesham Park, Nr Norwich on 22nd January 2018 by very kind permission of the Bailey family. Judged by Mark Clifford, Andy Waterhouse, Alex Hayes and Lesley Young. 14 springers and 2 cockers competed in bramble and water meadow on this beautiful Estate in Norfolk. We were delighted to be invited to this ground, the first time a Spaniel Trial has been held here. Guns, Nigel Reed, Phil Askew, Richard Beckerleg and Brian Chesser (shooting his first Spaniel Trial) shot extremely well to produce Pheasant, Hare, Rabbit, Partridge and Pigeon for, what was, a very good field of novice dogs. The Head Keeper Mark Watson, Under Keeper William Beckerleg and his team of beaters and stops worked really hard to keep the game flowing, they did an amazing job. It was a pleasure to have Ed Bailey in the line all morning watching the dogs, he now knows what his Keeper does in his spare time!!!

Thank you to all that helped too, without those who give up their time to come along and game carry, steward etc where would Club’s be?? Thank you to Sporting Saint and Kronch for their continued sponsorship. The biggest pat on the back must go to Mark Watson, thank you for all your hard work in making this a truly fabulous trial.

This is the last UGS Spaniel Trial of the season and I must say to all my Estate/Shoot owners that they have been amazing. We have had 5 great trials on the most extraordinary grounds, 3 of which were new to the Society this season. There has been some great dog work and some not so… The Guns have been brilliant giving up their time and paying to shoot for the dogs!! The Judges have all been fair and helpful and the band of helpers that I have had this year have made my life very much easier. It’s mostly a thankless task being a Field Trial Secretary, but this year has been great and I have enjoyed every trial.

1stBeechesblaze PapinaMark Light
2ndPriorheath Boss Hogg
Gun's Choice
Jason Croft
3rdQuarrymoor Skybreeze Rod Chapple
4thGeordieland Tsar John Keegan
CoMBonniemore FloraBonny Sadler
CoMSurefly Eleanor Mike Reader
CoMLaysan Han Solo Owen Russell
Sponsored by Sporting Saints and Kronch
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