Spaniels Field Trials 2015/2016

14 Dog Open Qualifying Cocker Spaniel Stake

9th November 2016
at Grundisburgh Hall, Grundisburgh, Nr Ipswich
by kind permission of Mr T Maiden
Judges: Mrs W Knight (A1984) Mr M Watson (B3405)

This is a new ground for us, by kind permission of Trevor Maiden, a very large area of woodland. Judged by Wendy Knight and Mark Watson on a particularly miserable, rainy day. Guns John Keegan, Nigel Reed, David Standing and Vic (I can never remember his surname – sorry Vic) shot well in sometimes difficult situations.

Thanks to all that helped steward, game carry etc and to Sue for supporting me!!

-- Julia

1stCheweky Joup at BraebeateBuzz Kennard
2ndZamyendor Minner
Guns' Choice
Wayne Greig
3rdTiptopjack AjayLee Cooper
4thEquinecho Special TributeLesley Young (Handler Carl Colclough)
CoMLowflyer Nougat of ChewekyRod Chapple (Handler Julie Cracknell)
CoMLangafel Summertime of DeepfleetPeter Avery
CoMFtch Countryways Alice of CraiwarnNatalie Cannon
CoMSamsirs Eavan Andy Waterhouse
Sponsored by Sporting Saints and Kronch

16 Dog Open Qualifying Springer Spaniel Stake

9th December 2016
at Fallow Hall, St Oysth
by kind permission of Mr & Mrs Edward Greig
Judges: Mr W Greig (A2985) Mr S Lewis (B23140)

The sun always shines on St Oysth, another lovely day at this great ground for Spaniels. As always made very welcome by Rose and Eddie Greig, who especially keep the ground quiet for the Trial. Unfortunately a dog from the village escaped from home and ran through two of the woods before being caught, which meant the Trial took a little longer than normal.

A good supply of game, the guns, David Standing, Richard Bunyan, Chris Pope and Paul Seaman shot exceptionally well. The Trial was very ably judged by Wayne Greig and Steve Lewis.

I am indebted to my Guns for their financial input and to my sponsors Kronch and Sporting Saint. Thanks to all the helpers, stewards, game carriers etc who make my day easier.

1stGartshore VernaDick Hyde
2ndSliabh Aine of CarnteelDave Templar
3rdPalmarrion FutureGerry Meehan
4thPalmarrion DefenderGerry Meehan
CoMWinwick WhisperDarren Hammond
CoMPalmarrion EclipseMarion Emery
CoMHelmsway Happy TimesRobin Laud
CoMWillowsaul JokerAndy Waterhouse
CoMQuarrymoor PewittRod Chapple
CoMDeepfleet Van PersiePeter Avery
Sponsored by Sporting Saints and Kronch

16 Dog Novice Any Variety Spaniel Stake

14th December 2016
at Cuffley Shoot, Hertfordshire
by kind permission of Mr D Thomas
Judges: Jeremy Organ (A2063), Mark Light, John Keegan, Ricky Mackintosh

We have not had a trial at Cuffley for a number of years, but were delighted to be invited back under the new Keeper, Matthew. Dave Thomas is a very cordial host andthe ground is fantastic for Spaniels with a very good supply of game. The Trial was judged by Jeremy Organ, Mark Light, Ricky Mackintosh and John Keegan.

The amount of game was unfortunately the undoing of several dogs, and in the end only three completed the Trial. All three had “knocks” for one reason or another and the Judges awarded three Certificates of Merit.

Thank you to all that helped on the day and to Kronch and Sporting Saint my sponsorsand to the Guns for their financial support and brilliant shooting.

CoMMoonreed MagicAnna Sole
CoMHalaze Tipple of AlmattanAnn Roff
CoMJulzcrackers PipitJulie Cracknell
Sponsored by Sporting Saints and Kronch

14 Dog Novice Cocker Spaniel Stake

19th December 2016
at Glemham Hall, Gt Glemham, Suffolk
by kind permission of Mr Mark Howard
Judges: Mr M Clifford (A2423) Mr J Keegan (N/P2858)
Cancelled due to lack of entries
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