HBB Retriever Working Test 2020

Open Qualifier

Sunday 29th March 2020 Cancelled
at Cuffley, Herts
by kind permission of Mr Dave Thomas and the Brook Farm Shoot
Judges: Liz Taylor, Barbara Kuen, John Stubbs, Alan Buckland

Novice and Special Puppy Test

Saturday 25th April 2020
at The Easneye Estatae, Ware
by kind permission of The Buxton Family and The Easneye Estate
Judges: Jennifer Thomas, Colin Pelham, Sue Berman

ND/NH, Veteran and Puppy Test

Saturday 4th July 2020
at The Lordship, Standon
by kind permission of Mr and Mrs Philip Smith and Mr Geoffrey Pearman
Judges: Addie Reid, Mike Lawrence, John Keegan
Entries Close 27th June 2020

Open Sugar Beet Test

Saturday 22nd August 2020
at Rensley Farm, Wadesmill
by kind permission of Mr Michael Johnson and the Wadesmill Shoot
Judges:Phill Allen, Jim Gale, TBC
Entries Close 15th August 2020

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