EC Field Trials 2016/2017

16 Dog All Age Stake for AV Retrievers

10th September 2016
at Black Notley Hall, Black Notley, Essex
by kind permission of Peter Cole and the Black Notley Syndicate
Judges: Andrew Wright (A2617), Len Herbert (B1875), Dough Laflin and Julia Reed

Trophies: The Posterngate Trophy for the winner, The Southernwood Trophy for the runner up, The Sam Taylor Trophy for the Best Dog of The Opposite Sex and The Saham Perpetual Trophy for the Best Marking Dog.

Those dogs that are in the awards are eligible to be considered to run for the EC Branch in the UGS Finals organised by the HBB Branch

1stHitowngreen EbonyVerity Easey
2ndFTCh Garrethall QuillMike Tallamy
3rdLockthorn Zorrow of HighseasKevin Doughty
4thHitowngreen Diamond Joe of FindpointTerry Prentice

12 Dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers

12th September 2016
at Livermere Hall, Great Livermere, Suffolk
by kind permission of Mr Peter Rushbrook
Judges: Terry Prentice, Nick Clitheroe, Peter Abbs, Josafine Van Der Dussen

Trophies: Hamford Cup for the Winning Dog and Blypark Trophy for Guns’ Choice

1stTroddenmills Bail Me OutJo Rollinson
Gun's ChoiceBromeswell CharlotteAndy Mutimer

12 Dog Novice Stake for AV Retrievers

10th October 2016
at Livermere Hall, Gt Livermere, Suffolk
by kind permission of Mr Peter Rushbrook
Judges: Ron Jeffery (A2293), Graham Stanley (B1920), Arthur Cook, Hayley Drew

Trophies: Pryanduke Rosebowl for the Winner, Vandyke Plate for the Best Retriever of the Day

1stOsiacastle BowoodPaul Wheeler
Best RetrieveBirdbrook WispSue Searle
Gun' ChoiceTideflight Blaze of YocklettsMrs J Izzard

14 Dog Novice Stake for AV Retriever

5th November 2016
at Cavenham, Suffolk
by kind permission of Mr Robert Gough and Wayne Alford and his team of guns
Judges: Glynis Hillier (A2280), Chris Marshal (B3232), Peter Elmy, Alistair Ford

Trophies: Gilllygaben Trophy for the Winner and Balafayle Cup for Guns’ Choice

1stGrovery EdwardGill Grummitt
2ndDerrity ThorCharlotte Smith
3rdMalshinga BhutanArthur Cook
4thStauntonvale Heathy LeaJulia Reed
Guns' ChoiceTroddenmills Houghton Blue of ElmertownAngie Townsend