EC Working Test 2017

Open Qualifier

11th March 2017
at Nacton Decoys, Nacton, Ipswich
by kind permission of John Norris
Judges: Roger Ketley, Verity Easey
1stDumgoose Van Persie at KayteensKeith Bedford
2ndBirdsgreen Moses of RowansbourneAlan Ward
3rdBirdsgreen SlipstreamSara Gadd
4thArdmuir Field PansyJenny Hankey
CoMBirdsgreen Thembi of SpurgateBrian Chesser
CoMBellspaddle KnapperSharon Dingle

Special Puppy, Novice and Veteran

8th April 2017
at Nacton Decoys, Nacton, Ipswich
by kind permission of John Norris
Judges: Keith Bedford, Peter Elmy
S/P Results
1stBrindlebay BoconnocMike Tallamy
2ndBrindlebay FirleLiz Ingram
3rdStagridge WilliamAnthony Peters
4thPinfeathers AnnastasiaNick Barker
Novice Results
1stHitowngreen Maggie MayVerity Easey
2ndSurprise is GoldenAndy Ince
3rdFencing FionaAndy Ince
4thBrocklaghs ForbaJim Collins
CoMCeleste SophiaSteve Pearce
Veteran Results
1stGarrethall MyrrhLiz Ingram
2ndGarrethall OukaLiz Ingram
3rdBrochlaghs CatlinJim Collins
4thGunnerheath AmethystBrian Chesser

Novice Sugar Beet

22nd July 2017
at Cockrills Farm, Combs
by kind permission of Loose Hall Farms Ltd.
Judges: Julian and Andy Mutimer

1stCannonfield GeorgiaJ Lepla
Also Youngest Dogs in the Awards
2ndFlagonhall ArtemisJim Sugden
3rdOverthwarts EglinghamJim Gale
4thGlenmarian MariaMarianna Morris Worrall
CoMHitowngreen KiteVerity Easey
CoMWebsend Olifants RiverTom Lowe
Best Marking Dog: Tealcreek Ted Corrigan of Bryanstown

Open Sugar Beet

5th August 2016
at Tendering Hall, Stoke By Nayland
by kind permission of Mrs E Holden
Judges: Terry Prentice, Peter Fulcher
Entries Close 29th July 2017